Parent teacher conference!

February 12, 2014

Parent teacher conferences were last week. S is doing GREAT! Her teacher said she is learning to share much better (guess that was tough at the start 😉 ), has much better focus on her different tasks, and is getting along great with her classmates. From the looks of it, she’ll be ready for full-day school next year, woot! She’s recognizing all her letters, and we expect she’ll be writing her name before we know it. Yay!


Year in review

January 16, 2014

This is what 2013 looked like


January, the snow bunny



February, playing dressup

princess head


March, playing superhero

super heroes


April, enjoying ice cream

crescent ridge


May, showing off her blue tongue

blue tongue


June, at the farmstand

farm fence


July, at the aquarium

touch tank


August, at the petting zoo



September, on the swing




October, ready to trick or treat



November, merry go round!

J and S


December, loving her pandas

panda globe

So many good pictures of S lately

October 13, 2013

There is no theme to this, other than adorable-ness. Most of the pictures are from this weekend, which was BUSY. Renaissance festival and pumpkin picking/painting. We are tired 😉

Artist S

Painting her pumpkin. She took it very seriously


bootd sat

In her princess dress. We went to a Renaissance fair and she had to “fit in”. The dress lasted maybe 10 minutes before she was done with it.

bootd thurs

Showing off her outfit at the playground


BOOTD tues

Her other princess costume. Complete with panda shoes


hayride hay bales

Treading the hay bales at her school farm visit/hayride

hayride sugar pumpkin

Each child got to pick a sugar pumpkin. S was very proud of hers.

Hobbes pumpkin

She had to paint a pumpkin for the cat. Note the whiskers. We were impressed at her artistic ability


On a lunch date. She really liked her chocolate milk

pony ride

The horse picture. It’s a miracle she sat still AND smiled

rain joy

More than a little excited that she got to jump in the mud puddles

S hands

Showing off her hands after pumpkin painting. Bath was next on the list

s slide

Sliding down the slide at the Renaissance festival. She had the BEST time.

Zoo day!

August 29, 2013

Bummer, no picture of her feeding a giraffe ::insert sad face::


Checking out the cranes





This penguin was super friendly. Just waddle out very matter of fact and posed for everyone

red panda

Red panda! This one was a move and shaker. I’m amazed we got a clear shot

water pay

There was a cool play area complete with lots of water. S adored it–I had to drag her away

zoo hands

Proper hand washing is essential 😉

More pictures from CA

August 3, 2013

We’re back! S was a trooper on the airplane, but is still adjusting to east coast time. Hopefully she’ll be back on track in another day or so. Here are a few pictures from the trip


Fish at the aquarium. One of the employees came by with a flip chart and asked S to help him find all the fish. She did an excellent job



Building sand castles with my niece and nephew. She couldn’t care less that the water was cold



Hitching a ride to the aquarium


Funny, some of my errands with one parent or another coincided with happy hour



See, she loved the water. Strange kid ;


splash cave

At the wave tunnel at the aquarium




Checking out the salt water taffy maker. She was enthralled

touch tank

She wasn’t so sure about this touch tank thing, but warmed up to it pretty quickly


wave tunnel w mom

Inside the wave tunnel, watching out for the next wave

Now J is home and we’re all recovering. Bring on Monday!

Back from vacation

July 8, 2013

We hope you had a fantastic 4th, and that you stayed cool!

J had an event in Lake George, NY so we decided to make a long weekend of it. Here are some highlights



Ready for the drive



Hanging out on the balcony waiting for fireworks


JR ketchup

Happy ketchup at Johnny Rockets


Lake George

Gazing at Lake George



Ravioli, finally. She asked for it for 3 days straight

4th of July prep!

June 29, 2013

A friend of ours is starting her photography business, so we thought we’d take advantage of her skills. Enjoy!


S S2 S9 S11 S25 S39 S44 S48 s53 S54 S58

Happy summer!

June 21, 2013

farm fence



Waiting for summer to reappear

June 12, 2013

Well, last weekend was nice. We set up the pool

new pool

S was the hose expert


We’re hoping for warmer weather by Saturday 🙂

Happy birthday!

June 4, 2013

OK, a little late.

S wrote you a birthday note 😉